Family Session FAQS

When should I contact the Photographer to schedule the shoot?

I shoot family photo sessions outdoors only and I book Family Sessions between the months of June and October. I announce my availability in the Spring of every year and they book on a first come first serve basis.  To ensure you are first to know, sign up for my email list.

Can we take sibling only and individual shots of the kid(s) in addition to group Family shots?

Yes, I always include a variety of shots! Group, Sibling, Individual, Parents only, detail shots and more!

Where will the session be located?

This is something we will decide at least 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled shoot date. The location will be chosen based on time of day, lighting at the location and sunset.

What should we wear? 

Click here for some suggestions: What to Wear

Do I need to bring Props/Accessories?

No, I have everything!! I typically use my surroundings as “props”. I will bring a quilt/blanket that is coordinating in your color wardrobe as well as a crate for children to sit on for some shots.

“I’m super awkward and shy in front of the camera, will you help pose us?”

YES!!! I prefer natural shots better than super “posed” looking family shots, HOWEVER that dos not mean I’m just going to stand there waiting for something to happen. I am very hands on and I know where I want you so I will be giving you plenty of direction so you don’t have to feel awkward… we will laugh, talk about your family, run, play and most importantly have FUN. And before you know it, we will be done.

What do we need to know before we come to the session to help things go smoothly? 

Its no secret that Family Photo Sessions can be stressful!! From selecting your wardrobe to getting everyone out the door to arrive on time. My promise to you is that I will make them fun for the kids and extremely comfortable and effortless for everyone!

 1.) Bribery: I am a firm believer in bribery if needed.. however, make sure that the “offer” to your kids is rewarded AFTER the session. For example, cooperate at the session and we will go for Ice-cream AFTER. Please DO NOT bring snacks of any kind to the session or the child will be focused on the snacks and all chances of getting a photo without “Goldfish” in their mouth has been lost. Same goes for toys or things that usually make your child smile. IF you don’t want it in the photo – don’t bring it. I am perfectly happy with you rewarding them with these things AFTER the session, in fact I encourage it! Give them a snack before hand to ensure they’re not hungry during the session and bring some water especially if its going to be a hot evening.
2.) If your child falls asleep in the car on the way there, that’s perfect. Since you are arriving early, wake them when you get there and snuggle on them until it’s time to shoot.. if your child is still groggy when your session starts even better – makes for some great cuddly shots with Mom or Dad and I know how to get playful to wake them for fun shots after we capture those.
3.) If your child is 1 or younger, I recommend getting them dressed at the location – things happen.  I’ve seen many blowouts upon arrival in their pic outfit.
4.) Give Dad a shot of whiskey before you leave… kidding!!!!… kind of.  (make sure he doesn’t drive).. this usually loosens up the otherwise stiff Dad who would rather be ANYWHERE else!
5.) HAVE FUN!!! I want to capture you all in your essence, playing with your kids freely, laughing.. doing all the things you know your child loves to do at home.. spinning, flying through the air, dancing.. come ready to play and ready to love on your family! That’s what I am wanting to capture, emotion of all kinds. Don’t stress about looking perfect!! I prefer less than perfect.. I want to capture the real thing.

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